Join Fly Buys GO and grow your business.

Great news! Your business can now be part of NZ’s favourite loyalty programme. 

With Fly Buys GO, now your business can reward your customers with Fly Buys points. All you need is a terminal connected to Paymark and the rest is easy.

Fly Buys GO is a new way for customers to get more Fly Buys points. They simply link their debit, EFTPOS and credit cards to their Fly Buys account and automatically get points when they spend with you. They’ll love how seamlessly it fits in to their daily lives.

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Here’s how it works for customers:


Customers simply link their debit, EFTPOS and credit cards to their Fly Buys account at


When customers shop at Fly Buys GO businesses with their GO linked cards, every dollar they spend adds up. Once they’ve spent $20 (cumulatively) they’ll get 1 Fly Buys point.

For example, across one week a customer could get:

Why it's great for your customers:


They can automatically get Fly Buys points at even more places they shop at every day.


There’s no extra card to carry around, they simply link their existing payment cards and get points automatically.


Your customers can spend their Fly Buys points on thousands of top products, flights and more.

Why it's great for your business:


You can send your own marketing emails through Fly Buys GO, and we’ll provide you with all the material you need to promote Fly Buys GO.


74% of members say getting Fly Buys points influences where they shop. *


We’ll be telling the Fly Buys members in throughout the country about Fly Buys GO and how they could get Fly Buys points at GO businesses.


Online sales reports show you how often and how much Fly Buys GO customers are spending with you.


It works with your existing equipment; all you need is a terminal connected to Paymark.


Starting at $99 a month with no upfront costs, it’s now affordable to run your own loyalty programme.

*Colmar Brunton Brand Tracker survey 6 month average, August 2017

Interested in becoming a Fly Buys GO enabled business?

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Fly Buys GO Participation Agreement and Terms and Conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you receive an invoice from Paymark, you are connected to their network.
    If you don't receive an invoice from Paymark, you may still qualify for Fly Buys GO. We recommend that you contact your bank to confirm whether your payment facility is linked to Paymark.
    If it is, ask them for your Paymark merchant number; you will need it to sign up for Fly Buys GO.
  • If you want to apply to join Fly Buys GO, you must have authority to commit your business to a contract with us.
    You must also be a signatory to your business's relationships with both its bank and Paymark.
  • If the stores operate under the same brand, our online process will allow you to sign them all up on the same application.
    If you have different brands, we need to process the application for one before the others can join Fly Buys GO.
  • When you accept the Fly Buys GO participation agreement, you are committing to be part of the programme for 12 months from when we notify you that your store is live.
    You can leave any time after the expiry of that 12 month period but you must give us 30 days' notice.
  • There is no joining or set-up fee for Fly Buys GO. The monthly cost (the Loyalty Services Fee) is from only $99 per month per store.
    It’s $99 for up to $4,950 (incl GST) of sales to Fly Buys GO customers, then an additional 2% of the sales value over that amount.
    For example, if the value of Fly Buys GO purchases in a month was $10,000, the fee would be $99 + $101 ($10,000-$4,950=$5,050 * 2% = $101), so the fee for that month would be $200.
    A Promotional Email Fee is charged for each email sent by you to your customers using the Fly Buys GO Hub. The cost is 3 cents per email.
    For example, if your promotion targets 100 Fly Buys GO customers, you will be charged $3.
    All examples shown above use GST-exclusive prices.
  • In most circumstances, we will make a decision on your application within 2 working days. If we need to ask you for more information, it may take a little longer.
    Once your application is approved, we send you an invite to create an account for the Fly Buys GO Hub. Once you sign in, you will be asked to provide the information about your business that we need to get you set up for Fly Buys GO. This is an online process that you complete at your own pace.
    Once you submit the information, we aim to have you up and running within 3 business days. More often than not, we'll complete that work sooner, but if we need to review some of that information with you, it may take longer.
    You will know you are live when you receive your welcome email.

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