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Loyalty NZ's -  Fly Buys Crew has been awarded Channel Silver for Direct Mail B2B at the NZDM Awards 2017.

The Channels Direct Mail B2B represents the best direct activity to business, and Loyalty NZ were thrilled to receive this recognition and award.

Crew is a B2B staff engagement tool developed by Loyalty NZ for employees of Fly Buys clients - these are frontline staff who the programme rely on to represent Fly Buys at the point of sale.

In early 2016, it became apparent that the NZ loyalty programme scene would become increasingly confusing. A plan was developed to find a way to engage with a vital but unknown group to help them understand Fly Buys, to understand the programme and essentially ‘sell it in’ to customers on their behalf.

The strategy was to create a loyalty programme within a loyalty programme; open only to the staff of partner businesses, to help them love the Fly Buys program in their personal lives, so they become genuine in talking about the benefits with their customers.

Fly Buys Crew, with extra generous benefits, was born. Fly Buys Crew is a new direct communications channel to educate staff on program changes.

The main objectives were to increase Fly Buys points issuance and redemption to Crew members, and after the first 12 months these have been realised. When compared to general Fly Buys member averages, this segment:

• Collected more points (307.74% uplift)
• Redeemed more points (451.59% uplift)
• Shopped with more Fly Buys clients (11.11% uplift)

From not existing ten months ago, Crew is now a central pillar of the Fly Buys marketing strategy. Not only must all brand marketing campaigns now formally include a Crew aspect, but Crew is considered a key channel for communicating upcoming changes or news to Fly Buys members in the same level of priority as Loyalty NZ staff - because Crew are essentially the de-facto team.

Published by: Veronica
5th March 2018

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