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Loyalty NZ is excited to welcome Petplan to the Fly Buys network from 29 May 2019, allowing Fly Buys members to collect pointson their new pet insurance policies.

Available since 2008 in New Zealand, Petplan is the leading pet insurance provider for dogs, cats and horses. They focus entirely on pets and insure over 1.5 million four-legged beneficiaries worldwide.

“Kiwis love their pets and over 70% of homes have a four-legged family member but keeping up with vet bills and unexpected medical conditions can strain the household budget. However, shopping across the Fly Buys network can add more value to the household budget and this partnership will allow our members to collect points while also keeping their pets healthy,” says Dave Mansfield, Loyalty NZ Chief Partnerships Officer.

 Fly Buys members can collect points at over 950 partner outlets in NZ and our research tells us that 80% of Kiwi households have a Fly Buys membership, making this an ideal partnership.

 “At Petplan we’re thrilled to join the Fly Buys family and we’re excited to help reward more Kiwis for taking care of their beloved four-legged family members. Now more families can focus on loving and enjoying their pets, safe in the knowledge that they will be covered from incurring unplanned vet bills,” says Doug Ford, Managing Director of Petplan.


Petplan has the highest claim benefit for vet fees offered in New Zealand, they offer fast and quick settlements on claims, the option to pay your vet directly in the event of a claim and many more benefits for your peace of mind.


Current Petplan policy holders will be able to collect Fly Buys points when their policies renew.

Published by: Vasantha Naidoo | Head of Strategic Communications
29th May 0029

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