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Lizzy Ryley Joins Loyalty NZ as CEO

26 June 2017 - Loyalty New Zealand, the company that manages the Fly Buys programme, announced today that Lizzy Ryley has been appointed CEO.

Ryley was most recently Director of the Australian National University's Marketing Office, and prior to that spent several years at Woolworths Australia as General Manager, Group Customer Loyalty.

Through the Fly Buys programme, Loyalty NZ has the most comprehensive consumer data set in New Zealand, enabling clients to know and understand their customers and to create unique, relevant and valuable experiences.

Loyalty NZ Chairman Phil Norman says the Loyalty NZ Board are delighted to have Lizzy take on the role, bringing extensive experience in loyalty, data analytics, retail and services together.

“Loyalty NZ is at an exciting time in the Company’s growth and development, and Lizzy is an ideal fit to lead the future of the coalition. The business is in a very strong position, with excellent 2017 results that mean we are ready to take several key projects to market,” says Norman.

“Lizzy’s experience in leading change and development at the Australian National University and Woolworths Australia made her an outstanding candidate in our recruitment process.”

Ms Ryley says the opportunity to lead Loyalty NZ is an exciting opportunity to extend on her knowledge from managing the Woolworths group loyalty strategy, and bringing Loyalty NZ clients and customers together in more rewarding ways.

“I am looking forward to using a marketing-led business strategy to deliver return on investment for Loyalty NZ and the Fly Buys coalition,” she says.

“There has never been a better, or more critical time, to creatively leverage customer data and communication channels to gain competitive advantage. As a manager and marketer, it is not enough just to execute the everyday - we must deliver customer innovation that sets a new benchmark, and that is what I will be looking to achieve for Fly Buys coalition partners.”

Loyalty NZ is dedicated to helping the Fly Buys coalition brands win new customers, retain existing customers and improve the return on their marketing investment. In addition to Fly Buys, Loyalty NZ offers a world leading comprehensive range of loyalty solutions, omni-channel marketing services and data and analytics products and services.

Ms Ryley will start her new role in September, based in the Auckland office of Loyalty NZ, but will travel regularly to the Company’s Wellington office.

Lizzy Ryley Biography

Lizzy comes to us with extensive experience in the creation of innovative customer experience strategies that are both pragmatic and commercial. She has an excellent knowledge of contemporary marketing methods, including leveraging customer data, customer relationship management, digital marketing, social media, web services and campaigns.

Lizzy has a track record of delivering results through market-led business transformation in major organisations in the UK, New Zealand and Australia, most recently leading the customer engagement, loyalty and marketing functions for Woolworths Ltd.

She is a progressive leader that delivers organisational growth by streamlining a rewarding customer experience across online and offline customer environments.

Career highlights from Lizzy:

• I have undertaken a number of post-graduate qualifications,including an MBA from Sheffield Hallam University, England, a Food Executive Management program, a UK Post Graduate diploma in learning and teaching in higher education, and most recently I am a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. I have led large teams, managed complex stakeholder relationships, and successfully managed one of the largest marketing budgets in Australia.

• I have been developing, implementing and eventually leading end-to-end customer experience campaigns and delivering positive measurable results for over 25 years. Most recently, I have led the development of the Australian National University’s domestic and international marketing strategy, the enterprise wide CRM business strategy, and built an insight function to deliver Customer Experience design and measurement systems. In addition, my team has led the global web strategy and change management across the university.

• As GM Woolworths Group Loyalty, I led the development of the five-year loyalty strategy for the Woolworths Ltd group. During this time, I led the relationship with Qantas Loyalty and the re-negotiation of the future of the partnership. Driving the detailed digital and ecommerce strategy was critical as all retail, financial services, and insurance, are interdependent with the Woolworths customers Everyday Rewards loyalty experience. My team delivered significant data driven campaign outcomes, with up to 25% YOY sales growth amongst key target segments.

• As GM Marketing for Woolworth’s supermarkets, I led the relaunch of the Australia’s Fresh Food People brand in 2012, including the mobilisation of 190k Woolies team members across Australia to deliver the new fresh food customer experience. My team led the well-known Aussie Animals collectibles campaign in partnership with Taronga Zoo 2013. Both of these campaigns delivered significant YOY sales growth, and an outstanding positive shift in NPS (from -11 to +7). These campaigns have been commented on, by key analysts in the media, as having been the only turn around marketing activities for Woolworths during the five-year period from 2011.

• In the past 10 years, my roles have had specific focus on loyalty, data driven and digital marketing with the purpose of engaging customers in a relevant and timely manner, and to enable accurate measurement of return on marketing investment. As GM Marketing for Countdown (Woolworths) in New Zealand I led the ground breaking digital and data strategy that lead to winning the Supreme Direct Marketing Awards for three years consecutively. In 2009 we won the supreme award for delivering the first fully data driven digital catalogue in NZ ‘My Specials’.  After the acquisition of Progressive by Woolworths, I led the marketing team through the development and delivery of the five-year marketing strategy that saw two loved brands (Foodtown and Woolworths) in NZ disappear, and a complete re branding of the third brand, Countdown. The result was significant sales growth, and the marketing team again, in 2011, winning the Direct Marketing Supreme Award.

• Further back in my career, in the UK, I managed large partnerships when re-building the services business Mister Minit (the shoe repairer). Mister Minit’s core competency was its distribution network and there was a demand from customers for a multitude of household services, such as photo processing, dry-cleaning, key cutting, and engraving to be delivered in convenient locations. I led the strategy to deliver the multi services concept, and to identify, develop, contract and manage all of its household services partners.

• Streamlining a relevant customer service experience across online and offline environments is the biggest challenge a leader faces. I actively engage teams in decision-making to be successful, as I believe the team needs to have an agreed and consistent set of values, beliefs and actions. This level of involvement requires clarity of mission, vision and goals and the right infrastructure and support to deliver. Once this is in place, it is down to developing repeatable processes and working together to develop and implement strategies, solve problems, respond to threats, adapt to changes and ultimately innovate and deliver a great customer experience.

• Government relations, corporate social responsibility and public relations have been core to my roles. My teams have navigated organisations through changes to legislation that would have significant impact on the strategy and growth of the business. I have publicly represented the organisations I have been a part of on both governmental and media issues. In 2014, I was selected to be one of the judges in the twelve-week network 10 series ‘Recipe to Riches’, a program where every day Australians could compete to get their favourite recipe on the shelves of 600 Woolworths supermarkets stores. My team identified this opportunity and led the negotiation with network 10 to make Woolworths the principal partner.

For more information or to set up a phone interview with Lizzy Ryley, please contact:
Melanie Bruges, Marketing and Communications, Loyalty NZ, 021 622 767 or

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