Jamie Fenton

Marketing information analyst

Jamie Fenton - Marketing information analyst at Loyalty NZ

Everyone at Loyalty genuinely cares about our work, our customers, and our colleagues and it shows. I work in the Lab as a marketing information analyst, and it’s pretty great to be working in an data analyst role where you work closely with the people using your data to connect with the flybuys base.  I feel like it’s pretty special to be so close to the ‘action’ as a data analyst, and being able to see the results your work is driving within days. It’s addictive! At Loyalty there’s a top to bottom commitment to customer experience to constant improvement, which means it never feels like you’re stuck in a routine or like you’re left to solving a problem by yourself - everyone has each other’s back.  

As well as our excellent coffee and tea selection, we are all obsessed with food both healthy and non-healthy – a dietary metaphor for our work/play balance. I’ve made some great friends at Loyalty and found some wonderful mentors, which I think is a sign that we strike a rare balance between a safe and happy place to work and  a drive for excellence. Plus the CEO takes us out for breakfast!!!