Julia Fisher

Client Marketing

Julia Fisher - Client Marketing at Loyalty NZ

Being a part of the Loyalty team for almost a year has been a great experience. I have learned so much in my role and am always challenged in my work. The office is a good environment for collaboration as well as being a central location. Loyalty also offer a lot of flexibility in being able to work from home when required.

The team are great fun and there is always an opportunity for socialising, whether it be over a game of table tennis, Friday drinks or morning teas. I have recently become a member of the socialites who organise these social activities throughout the year, which has been exciting so far! The Flybuys-points-run vending machine (AKA Alice) however, is one of my highlights.

The Client Marketing team is an awesome team to be in. We are fast paced whilst getting to work on some very cool campaigns. I am constantly learning and being exposed to new things!