Direct Marketing Organisation of the Year 2017

NZ Direct Marketing Awards

At the 2017 NZDM Awards, Loyalty NZ took home the coveted Keith Norris Direct Marketing Organisation of the Year award.

The Keith Norris title celebrates organisations that have achieved success by using direct marketing techniques to drive ROI for the business. It's a fantastic recognition of the continuing commitment of our successful partners to the programme.

2017 was a period of change in the loyalty industry. Increased consumer choice had led to consumer confusion, and Loyalty NZ was faced with a task - how do we keep Flybuys relevant in today’s modern age?

We combined our immense data assets with some transformative thinking to reinvent our engagement model to deliver relevancy at scale, pragmatically and effectively. This saw the birth of three new Flybuys partners that are a mainstay in wallets across New Zealand: New World Club Card, Flybuys Pumped with Z, and BNZ Advantage.

But this reinvention of Flybuys was more than just the creation of new partnerships. We ran more than 1,000 individual campaigns reaching 35 million connections in the 12 months prior to winning our award, in addition to the integration of campaigns across website, email, mobile app, social, direct mail, point of sale, and call centre.

All of this effort saw Flybuys cardholders grow over 50,000, as well as a material lift in points earned through cardholder spend.