Flybuys Millionaire

First Fly Buys Millionaire has been a member for 15 years

Mr Terence Huggins from Geraldine in South Canterbury has won one million Fly Buys points in the first Fly Buys Millionaire campaign run by Loyalty NZ.

In the month of July, lucky shoppers had the chance to enter the draw to become the first Fly Buys Millionaire in New Zealand. All they had to do was collect or spend Fly Buys to be in to win one million points. 

“We’re really excited to celebrate our first ever Fly Buys millionaire and it’s quite special that our winner, Mr Huggins, has been a Fly Buys member for 15 years. This is an amazing opportunity and we want him to enjoy the experience to the fullest,” says Lizzy Ryley, CEO of Loyalty NZ. 

The winner was drawn from a total of over seven million entries. Mr Huggins, who has been a Fly Buys member since 2004, simply filled up with fuel at the Z Energy station in Geraldine, scanned his Fly Buys card and was in the draw. 

“This is really exciting news and I’m quite interested to see how I can use my million points. I live really simply and I enjoy working in my garden but who knows, maybe I could go travelling with my Fly Buys points,” says Mr Huggins. 

Ms Ryley said she was looking forward to meeting Mr Huggins in person to congratulate him. “It’s always such a pleasure to meet our members and talk about their experiences with Fly Buys over the years. Talking to Mr Huggins will be a real treat.” 

As New Zealand’s favourite loyalty programme, Fly Buys has been around for 23 years and serves over 2.8 million members across 80% of New Zealand households.

Our research tells us that on average 90% of our members feel that the Fly Buys programme is really easy to use and a Fly Buys member gets a reward every 38 seconds in New Zealand.

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