Loyalty that Rewards the Customer and Your Business

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The notion of ‘Rewards’ has evolved in recent years from a customer receiving a free product or a discount, to creating memorable customer experiences that are connected to moments that a company or brand creates along the customer journey.

These shifts are creating the perfect storm for next-generation loyalty programmes. Consumers increasingly expect brands to tailor their offering, with almost 40 percent of consumers surveyed by Euromonitor saying they shared data to receive personalised and targeted offers and this commercial trade-off has become more front of mind for consumers.

How NZ’s Favourite Loyalty Programme Gave Local Hospo a Little Extra

The best loyalty programmes reward your business as much as they reward the customer. At the end of last year, Flybuys Extras, part of New Zealand’s favourite loyalty programme, joined forces with the Restaurant Association of New Zealand to lend a hand to hospo with free marketing packages valued at $4,500 over the summer.

Flybuys supported local hospitality by lending it’s 2.4 million-strong membership base, marketing tools and highly-skilled team to every hospitality operator in New Zealand – at absolutely no cost. Operators simply signed up to be involved.

“Our Flybuys members love good food, and we know they actively seek out special offers. So, it feels right to be able to support local hospitality operators to drive patronage over what is projected to be a quieter summer,” noted Flybuys CEO Lizzy Ryley at the time.

“Flybuys has an engaged member base that covers the length and breadth of New Zealand, and we have a range of direct communication channels – including our mobile app; our website, email and social media platforms – that we are making available to promote local hospitality businesses. And we are hoping this summer campaign really makes a positive difference.”

The campaign provided exposure to 1.2million promotion views over two months – a winning combo for members and restaurants.

“The Butcher's Son saw heaps of new faces from Flybuys members and have experienced repeat business, so it was great to be involved,” expressed Chris Kinnel, Owner, The Butchers Son, Auckland

“Customers seemed pretty chuffed and hospo certainly needed the help.”

Flybuys Extras was launched in mid-2021 and provides members of the Flybuys programme with access to discounts, bonus offers, and deals in categories such as domestic tourism, retail and of course, food, beverage, and hospitality.

Flybuys rewards Kiwis for the things they do every day. With 80 percent household penetration and widespread promotional reach, Flybuys has an incredible exposure opportunity for brands that sit within, as well as those that may sit outside, its core partner network. This gives brands an ability to drive exposure, engagement, and sales.

For over 25 years, Flybuys has been interwoven into the fabric of Kiwi society, and New Zealand’s favourite loyalty programme is proud to have partnered with local hospitality operators to help bolster support for business.

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